Headwater Services is an environmental consulting firm that has experience across a broad spectrum of environmental science and engineering, including assessment and design, and the regulatory environment in which those fields operate.  

We specialize in compliance and  technical project management of complex environmental challenges.

We believe that industry and the environment is not an either-or, and that we can address existing environmental impacts, minimize or prevent new ones, and support economic development and progress.

Environmental Compliance

State and Federal Laws and Regulations are complex.  Headwater Services has the expertise and experience to assist in achieving and maintaining compliance, decreasing liability, and in building a better reputation for green business practices.

Environmental Engineering

Our core capabilities revolve around environmental solutions.  Our expertise in environmental engineering and science includes treatment system design, site assessment and characterization, and remedial design.

Project Management

Our team of experienced professionals brings together a unique blend of project management, environmental science, engineering, and regulatory knowledge, enabling us to provide integrated and sustainable strategies tailored to our clients' specific needs.  We work closely with our clients to identify and mitigate risks, optimize resource utilization, and implement responsible engineering and management practices.


Shawn Reger, President Shawn@headwatersvcs.com

D. Scott Simonton, Senior Engineer DScott@headwatersvcs.com